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Why Are Good Knives So Expensive?

Misen founder, Omar Rada, was working at Fresh Direct and found it hard not to get caught up in the culture that loved cooking and food. As a new chef, he quickly realized that good, quality cookware truly made a difference in his food.

“My previous knife had been pretty mediocre, so a quality one was a revelation. It cut food so easily and allowed me to be more versatile and creative in the kitchen. And it was so much fun to use.”

The idea for Misen actually started with a $300 pan given to Omar as a gift. He let a friend borrow it. His friend lost the pan and the sticker shock nearly killed him when he tried to replace it. After some research, he realized most high-end cooking tools came with a serious markup, and shouldn't actually cost as much as they do.

So Misen was born. With a mission and passion to create premium cooking essentials for an honest and affordable price.

The Single Most Important Tool in Your Kitchen

The Single Most Important Tool in Your Kitchen

Virtually every chef agrees that a sharp, well-balanced Chef's Knife is the essential workhorse for any kitchen.

Unlike a cheaper knife, a high-quality knife will stay sharper longer, allow you to cut through anything in the kitchen with ease, last a lifetime, and in general, make cooking easier and more fun.

Point is, it's a piece worth investing in. The problem has been the astronomical price tag that comes with a great one. Until now.

The Importance of a Great Knife

See for yourself why Misen is first in its class.

What Makes a Great Knife?

What Makes a Great Knife?

A great knife should feel good in your hand, stay sharp and hold up over time to the rigors of your kitchen. Simple, right? But behind these deceptively simple concepts are centuries of tradition, technology, design, and craft.

The knife world is split into two major players: German steel, known for its toughness and durability and Japanese steel, known for its razor-sharp edge. Rather than pick a side, we opted to cherry pick the best from each to create the ultimate hybrid. The end result? A knife that stays incredibly sharp, but will also remain durable over the long haul.

The Perfect Balance

Choosing the right steel is a delicate balancing act to find the perfect hardness. With 60% higher carbon content than our competitors, we’re able to build a knife that offers a great balance. It’s a unique sweet spot that’ll keep your knife sharp and strong.



Misen knives are made with AICHI steel, offering a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability, with 60% more carbon content than other “premium” knives.


Our knives incorporates a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face and encourages a proper "pinch grip" for better comfort and control.


While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, we use more acute 15 degree angles for a noticeably sharper cutting face.


Our knives incorporates a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face and encourages a proper "pinch grip" for better comfort and control.

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

We spent two years developing this knife because every little detail matters. And partly because we're a bit insane.

At every step along the way, our knife was hand tested and refined by professional chefs, avid home cooks, product designers, and people who’ve never even held a knife before. We painstakingly went through 37 different prototypes until we knew we had the perfect knife.

The final result? A knife that’s a pleasure to hold, easy to maneuver, sharp enough to plow through even the toughest foods, and a blade that stays sharper longer.

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