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Hi, we’re Misen.

We love great food.

And behind every great dish,
there’s a knife that helped
chop, slice, or dice it
to perfection.

Without a doubt, a quality chef’s
knife is the single most important
tool in any kitchen.

Great knives do two things very well:
feel good in your hand and hold a sharp edge.


Sadly, many knives are poorly made, use sub-par materials, or are (very) over-priced.

Our Knife

Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. The
Misen Chef’s Knife fea
tures a sloped bolster
for incredible comfort and a razor sharp
Japanese steel edge.

But unlike other “premium” knives
that cost upwards of $140+,
our knife is just $65.

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Other people love it
as much as we do!

Serious Eats

“Incredible quality and design, high-end materials, perfect balance, and a razor-sharp edge.”

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Managing Culinary Director,
Serious Eats
Food 52

“...perfectly balanced... premium materials, beautifully designed...”

Gabi Benedit
Food 52
Inc Magazine

“Misen decided it was time for somebody to revamp one of humankind's staple tools: the kitchen knife”

Inc. Magazine
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