The Perfect Pan.

An Unreal Price.

The Perfect Kitchen Trio.

The Perfect
Kitchen Trio.

The Core of Your Kitchen

Misen founder, Omar Rada, started making cookware with a simple belief; people deserve access to high-quality kitchen tools at fair and honest prices.

There are usually two choices when shopping for kitchen tools: one, pay unnecessarily high prices for good quality essentials; and two, pay less for poor quality in items that won’t last.

You don’t need to drop tons of money on good cookware and kitchen knives. You just need three core items — a great knife, a quality steel skillet, and a long-lasting nonstick pan — to do most of your everyday cooking.

So that’s what we set out to offer at Misen.

The Main Three

The three all-star kitchen tools you’ll use every day, thoughtfully designed from premium materials, and offered at a fair and affordable price.

Chef’s Knife

The perfect knife — in most cases it can do the work of an entire set.

10” Nonstick Pan

Your best friend for delicate, sticky foods.

10” Stainless Skillet

The ideal go-to pan that you’ll use almost every day.

Chef's Knife

Our stainless steel is “high-carbon” — with 2x the carbon content of some other “premium” brands — which strikes the perfect balance between durability and lasting sharpness.

Designed with the best of both Western and Eastern knives — including noticeably sharper 15º edge angles and a blade silhouette friendly to rocking-, slicing-, or chopping-style cuts.

The bolster’s sloped shape encourages a proper “pinch grip” for comfort and control, while its placement creates better access to the blade’s entire length.

10” Nonstick Pan

Titanium-infused Plasma Primer + 3-layer, PFOA-free Dupont Platinum Coating = the most durable nonstick surface around.

The wide base has roughly 19% more cooking area than some other “premium” cookware brands. More cooking area = more food, cooked perfectly.

Thanks to a steel base plate. So cook away on induction, electric, or gas stovetops.

10” Stainless Steel Skillet

5 layers of stainless steel and aluminum make the skillet heat evenly and stay hot. It’s compatible with induction, electric, and gas stovetops as well.

The skillet’s wide base has roughly 19% more cooking area than some other “premium” cookware brands. More cooking area = more food, cooked perfectly.

Our ergonomic handles offer a more secure, comfortable grip and remain cool during stove-top cooking.

Shop Stress-Free

Cut and cook everything you can. Don’t think they’re the best kitchen gear you’ve owned? Returns are free within 60 days.

Have questions, or an issue with your product? Our Customer Experience team is here for you.

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