7 Reason You Haven't Bought Misen Cookware...Yet

1. I already have pots and pans. Why do I need new ones?

Because not all cookware is created equal.

You don't NEED anything. But considering how much you'll cook in your life we think it should be enjoyable and easy. A hodge-podge collection of random and low-quality cookware seems fine, but it actually makes cooking harder and in most cases sabotages your food. The difference between bad cookware and good cookware is like the difference between canned meat and a 28-day dry aged ribeye steak. You'll notice it.

2. Why is premium stainless steel so good?

For starters? It’s durable, versatile, and makes cooking easier.

Stainless steel is the prefered cookware of most chefs because it heats quickly, retains heat, can take a beating in the kitchen, and is a non-reactive metal (meaning no weird tastes imparted to your food).

Top of the line stainless steel (like Misen’s) should be thick and 5-ply, to ensure you get even heating.

Check out the difference between Misen’s skillet and your average one.

3. Shouldn't I wait until I get married & register for nice cookware?

Your friends and family don’t have to foot the bill.

In the past, it made sense to let your friends and family foot the bill for nice pots and pans. That stuff is expensive. Today, things are different. With Misen, you can upgrade to adult cookware for what it would cost to go out for a really nice dinner. You get your nice cookware sooner, and your aunt can spend her time debating between fine china and decorative picture frames.

4. Isn't non-stick cookware easier to use and care for?

It’s not as easy as you think.

We love non-stick pans, but here's a little secret about them. Putting aside for a moment the health concerns of using a pan that's been treated with chemicals, non-stick pans might seem easier to use, but they come with more rules and care instructions than a newborn baby if you want to keep them working properly.

Premium stainless steel is great because it's designed to cook better and is strong enough to take all kinds of abuse in the kitchen.

AND...drumroll please...

You can easily make your stainless steel non-stick.

5. Shouldn't I just go with an older brand name from one of the big home good stores?

You'll be paying high markups if you do.

We don't want to tell you what to do. But here's the truth about those brands: they are ripping you off - though it's not totally their fault. Their antiquated sales model depends on wholesalers, distributors and aggressive price markups. So they charge $130 for a skillet that shouldn't cost more than $65.

On top of that, some companies add an additional markup just for the honor of buying a pan with their name on it.

6. How can a $65 Misen skillet be as good as the typical expensive “premium” cookware?

We're biased, but since you asked...

We take designing cookware seriously. We spent over two years in R+D sourcing materials and made over 30 versions of our pans until we settled on the current design. Oh, and we had home cooks, professional chefs, and everyone in between test the hell out of it. We think we compare pretty well to those other premium brands. Compare for yourself.

7. How do I know I'll like my Misen cookware?

99% of people who've bought Misen - love it.

We've sold tens of thousands of pans with an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. And so far, less than 1% have been returned. But we understand this is a big purchase, and we want you to be excited and worry-free. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all cookware and free 60-day at-home trial. If you don't love your cookware simply return it.


If anything ever happens to your knife, we'll replace it for the rest of your life.


Try it out. Cut everything you can. If you're still not happy, just send it back.

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